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    Designing for a sustainable lifestyle

    Innovative Hong Kong designer Stefano Tordiglione is deservedly proud of his studio’s work on Treehouse, a cool vegetarian eatery which opened in Soho last September. The design fully embraced the restaurant owner’s vision of a “plant-based, made from scratch, fast-casual” restaurant.

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    Awakening our senses through lighting

    Lighting is a sensory experience, says LWK + PARTNERS’s Rebecca Wong. She compares it to “applying makeup on architecture” by highlighting important features of a design and using shadows to create contrast. Discover more about how this creative interior designer worked her magic on recent hotel and restaurant projects in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

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    Q&A with judge Steve Leung

    Steve Leung is one of the most respected figures in Hong Kong’s A&D community. He was a deserving winner of the Pinnacle Award for lifetime achievement at the A&D Awards in 2016, having collected the prestigious Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award in 2015. We put some questions to the founder of Steve Leung Designers and here’s what he had to say…

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    Following a late surge in entries, and the challenging environment caused by renewed outbreaks of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the entry deadline for A&D Awards 2020 has been extended by two weeks.

    The new final deadline for entries is Friday, August 14.

    The extension does not have any impact on A&D award 2020 entries already submitted. It does however ensure that all companies who wish to enter Asia’s most prestigious awards for the A&D community can still do so.

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    Bizhouse – cool new way to work and live

    Curious to know how you transform a Tong Lau – an old tenement style building in Hong Kong – into a contemporary space for people wanting to work from home? Discover how Hong Kong design studio Bean Buro rose to the challenge.

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    Take 2: how a rethink and redesign produced an award-winning mall

    When Lead8’s Claude Touikan first took on the award-winning MixC Shenzhen Bay retail project, construction had been underway for six months. But client China Resources wanted a new approach, so the original plans were discarded and the Hong Kong studio was called in to design a “super high-end” mega mall.

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    A sake restaurant true to its origins

    When it comes to Japanese sake, there is one place that aficionados regard above all others – Nadagogo near Kobe city in Hyogo Prefecture. So when Hong Kong studio Design East was asked to design a sake-focused Japanese restaurant for the Wyndham Grand in Shenzhen, Nadagogo soon emerged as the name and theme.

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    Towering buildings and aspirations

    As a child growing up in Hong Kong, Florence Chan was always fascinated by the tall buildings that surrounded her. Two decades on, the accomplished architect and A&D Awards 2020 judge can list some of the most iconic skyscrapers in China and Hong Kong on her resume of projects.

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