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    For almost two decades, PERSPECTIVE has shined a light on the most important news and developments in the world of Architecture and Interior Design. Now we are delighted to celebrate the some of the best projects completed in the last 18 months by practices in Asia and around the world.

    Here we announce the 96 shortlisted entries in the A&D Awards 2022, all of which will win either a highly coveted Gold, Silver or Bronze Award, or a prestigious Certificate of Excellence.

    All the awards and certificates will be announced and presented at the exclusive A&D Awards 2022 Gala Dinner at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Kowloon, Hong Kong, on Tuesday February 28. We will be sharing more details in the coming days about how to register for the event, so stay tuned.

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    Kitchens are now the social hub of the home

    Light and airy, today’s kitchen has evolved into a social hub where family and friends gather and relish moments of joy! As a result, open kitchens have become an increasingly common feature of interior design. But how can designers decide which kitchen layout will best suit their needs?

    An imaginative world of fun – for kids and parents!

    Recognising that it takes something special to lure kids away from their digital screens, the creative team at the Panorama Design Group have come up with a remarkable indoor entertainment park in Shenzhen that encourages both mental and physical exploration.

    Smooth sailing in Zhuhai

    While transit-oriented developments are commonplace in many densely populated Asian cities, Unipark’s Sailing in the City, a mega mixed-use riverfront project in Zhuhai, takes the genre to a new level, by combining a dramatic aesthetic with sustainable, community-friendly design features.




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