An elegant way to end the party

Candles are hard to beat when it comes to creating atmosphere and mood, but they can be messy and there’s always the risk of fire. London-based designer Jim Rokos has come up with a brilliant solution which is both elegant and practical.

Named after its maximum burn time of 216 minutes, the ≲ 216 MIN is formed from mouth-blown, borosilicate glass, the same material used for laboratory glassware. Rokos explains the glass holds a single floating candle, the lower part of which is initially constrained so that it will burn at the vertical angle.

“As the candle gets shorter its bottom end rises upwards to the point that the constraint is no longer effective and the candle revolves over onto its side, extinguishing itself in the water. For less burn time, you add more water.”

Apart from less waste and fire risk, the unique candle holder can also be used as a fun way to politely signal the end of the dinner party!