When Gymming meets Clubbing

Working out and clubbing are weekly staples for many young urban professionals – so why not combine the two?

“When Gymming Meets Clubbing” is the design concept behind Physical 2.0, a psychedelic new workout space in Shanghai, fashioned by Hong Kong-based studio Panorama.

Director Horace Pan says the concept combines two common social activities – fitness exercise and nightclub dance – to create a new psychological and physical experience for young customers, defined by dynamic architectural envelopes and flowing fluorescent lights.

From the moment you step into main entrance, you begin to experience an abstract future space, removed from the real world. Multi-angled, mirror steel ceilings provide different sight-line angles and reflect body shapes. Colourful LED lights and background music help guests to establish a rhythm with their exercises.

The lights flow and change colour to guide guests through different zones in the centre, from the open fitness space to a private aerobics area. The indoor swimming pool area is formed by black painted glass immersed with aqua blue lights. Ceiling LEDs flow from one end of the pool to the other, providing a gentle guiding light for swimmers doing laps.

A fluorescent green channel guides customers through the change rooms and back out into the real world, refreshed after their time in what Pan describes as an “energetic and theatrical fitness space”.