Time waits for no one, especially in Hong Kong!

Kwun Tong, like Hong Kong itself, is undergoing constant change as industrial buildings make way for new commercial and retail developments. So, it’s appropriate that a new art piece celebrating the infinite rhythm of change has been installed at the entrance of Yue Man Square (YM2), one of the key developments of the Urban Renewal Authority’s Kwun Tong town centre project.

Donated by one of Hong Kong’s leading developers, Sino Group, to mark its 50th anniversary, Time Loop was imagined by internationally acclaimed British designer Paul Cocksedge to reflect the ongoing transformation of the area. .

Inspired by the infinity symbol, the form is a continuous loop to convey an ongoing movement, embodying a sense of motion and change. It uses sustainably sourced timber, which adds grain and texture to the static piece and serves as a metaphor for Hong Kong’s own multi-layered history and landscape where old and new elements co-exist side by side. The structure is also engraved with an ‘infinite’ poem in two languages, reflecting on the passage of time.

Cocksedge says he’s proud of the local artisans that brought the Time Loop concept to life. “It reflects a place that has endured for many years but remains constantly moving and evolving. And that’s the symbolism of the form.’