The beauty is in the detail

“The details are not just the details,” said the late American architect and filmmaker Charles Eames, “they make the design”. And it’s the small details that make all the difference in Bean Buro’s latest transformation project, a stylish and sophisticated workplace for its skincare specialist client.

The studio was tasked with refreshing the office of Project E Beauty, located in an industrial building in Kwai Chung. The 3,800 sq ft floorspace now accommodates an open plan working environment, including a welcoming lounge, pantry, boardroom, meeting room and photography studio.

Bean Buro co-founder Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui said the studio’s inspiration for the design came from elements of nature, skin and softness, which informed the choice of colour palette, rounded geometries, and unique details.

One of those details is immediately apparent upon stepping into the new entrance lounge: a creative display wall, featuring a large soft coral corrugated metal panel, which glides back to reveal a digital screen, shown above in the main photograph.

Other details are not so obvious. Take for example, the bespoke door handles with grooved fingerprint-like contour lines (below right) helping to add a distinct personality to the workplace. The back-lit glass in custom-made free-form mirrors feature a subtle blue tint so they blend organically with the soft wall colours (below left).

As part of the transformation, Bean Buro revitalised the lift corridor, transforming it into an inviting, casual sitting display area with a bar table concept in the pantry, replacing the traditional reception desk.

A variety of workstations are housed under the gridded soffit ceiling, along with the meeting spaces, photography studio and even a concealed storage room.

In selecting materials, Kenny says the studio infused warmth into the environment, using timber flooring, a bespoke free-form rug, and mostly light beige walls, with soft coral accents and bursts of colour. The overall ambience is one of calm energy.

“This soothing narrative allowed the design to incorporate abstract wall patterns, custom door handles, and delicate touches of colour throughout the space,” notes studio co-founder Lorène Faure.