How smart technology is supporting a boom in home theatres

Pandemic-enforced bouts of isolation have not only driven a global surge in online streaming services, they have also triggered an awakening in consumer awareness of home entertainment systems.

What’s more, smart technology is now making integrated audiovisual systems more accessible and affordable than ever, taking the world of home theatres well beyond the exclusive realm of the rich and the famous.

Sammy Mui has seen first-hand how sustained periods of homebound living over the past two years have dramatically transformed consumer lifestyle choices. As the Retail Operations Manager for Bang & Olufsen, the uber stylish brand from Denmark, he’s been at the forefront of the change.

“As customers spend more time at home, they want to upgrade or expand their existing audio and video systems,” he says. “Other than the products themselves, we have also been developing our technologies to support the latest streaming services and connectivity.”

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Stage is one of the finest soundbar choice on the market suitable for advanced users.

Connectivity is essential

Connectivity is the key here. In any home today, people are watching content on multiple screens and devices, from TVs to laptops and phones, and want to enjoy the experience with high quality sound to create a more immersive experience.

Sammy says that Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Stage, Beolink Multiroom technology, Mozart Platform and AR Experience App are just some of the customized and user-friendly technology examples to achieve this. “We also provide product flexibility so that users can tailor-make a solution that matches their personal style, along with the interior design.”

When it comes to design, professional architects and interior designers have always been among the first to embrace and integrate smart living and smart solutions into their projects.

More than most, they understand the client’s need for a holistic experience and the growing demand for intuitive audiovisual operations. Typically, this includes the integration of all audiovisual products and other home devices through a centralized app, accessed by a simple touch or through a remote control.

Usability of these smart solutions shouldn’t be “too complicated or too technical,” notes Sammy, otherwise they won’t be adopted. “It’s all about ease of use and creating more effective and enjoyable leisure time.”

So how does one go about setting up the perfect home entertainment system? What needs to be considered, such as the size of rooms, the ceiling height and other elements like wall and floor coverings, that could affect the sound quality?

Soundbars are slim, oblong-shaped devices containing multiple built-in speakers that dramatically boost sound fidelity. Most are designed to be either wall or table mounted below the TV screen.

Define your expectations

The first step, according to Sammy, is to define your own audiovisual expectations. There are big differences for instance between audiophiles, who are obsessed with high-fidelity sound reproduction and spend most of their time listening to music alone, versus families who love to watch films together and want to create a theatre-style ambience in their own living room.

Then it’s time to consider your physical environment, including factors like room sizes, viewing and/or listening positions, as well as the anticipated distances between the sofa, TV and speakers.

One of the most important new technologies to enhance home entertainment systems is the soundbar. You might have noticed that as TVs have become much bigger, and critically, much thinner, the sound quality has not kept pace with the visual experience. Soundbars are slim, oblong-shaped devices containing multiple built-in speakers that dramatically boost sound fidelity. Most are designed to be either wall or table mounted below the TV screen.

Instead of installing five speakers around the room to create surround sound, you can get the same impact from one sleek unit that takes up minimal space and without a load of trailing wires, especially if it supports Dolby Atmos, a technology that delivers realistic and layered 3D sound.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Stage, Devialet’s Dione, Bose Smart Soundbar 900 and the SONOS ARC are some of the finest choice on the market. While advanced users may be more interested in the first two models, beginners may start with the other two selections. There are several considerations when making your choice. Soundbars with built-in subwoofers deliver a significantly better output and those that support HDMI and wireless connections are more convenient, allowing you to play music directly from your phone or computer and listen to music in multiple rooms at the same time.

Some soundbars include voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so they can be controlled by voice commands, along with other parts of the home, such as smart lights^.

Here is a soundbar guide of the four models:

HKT Premier helps integrate the system with lighting and curtain control to create a pro-grade home theatre or karaoke lounge.

Talk to a professional

While rectangular rooms are generally best for home theatres, Sammy says there are no fixed formulas to achieve a successful outcome and recommends that people consult with an audiovisual professional and do onsite visits to build the ultimate experience.

HKT Premier is one of Hong Kong’s foremost professionals when it comes to setting up home theatres. It understands that how complicated the process can become, especially when you’re dealing with different brands of soundbars, TVs, devices or speakers. HKT Premier professionals can do it for you, switching between system modes and channels, or making volume and other adjustments with a few clicks via smart devices& or voice commands. They can also help integrate the system with lighting and curtain control to create a pro-grade home theatre or karaoke lounge.

HKT Premier staff will conduct an on-site inspection to assess the environment, interior design and family habits, and tailor the most suitable home theatre. based on the assessment, your needs and budget.

They’ll also source household and commercial appliances globally to equip your unique smart home, as required. It’s the perfect way to combine aesthetics and technology.

A one-stop solution for architects and designers

HKT Premier is a smart choice for architects and interior designers. Simply discuss your creative ideas with their consultants, and they’ll provide practical professional advice, balancing your budget, requirements and timeline.

Then leave the hard work to the HKT Premier team and wait for your ideas to be delivered! They will closely follow through the project from start to finish, managing all the technical question from clients. In other words, they are your hassle free, one-stop solution.

Make your dream home theatre comes true and create smooth multi-room sound system with HKT Premier. You can contact the team on (852) 2888 6868 to learn more.

Terms & Conditions

^ Product features require Wi-Fi internet connections, and/or Google account and/or supported by compatible device(s) from end user.

* Subject to regional availability.

& Installations of designated devices and mobile applications as suggested by HKT are required.