Following a surge in entries, and the challenging environment caused by renewed outbreaks of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the entry deadline for A&D Awards 2020 has been extended by two weeks.

The new final deadline for entries is Friday, August 14.

We are conscious that in recent weeks, it has been increasingly difficult for architecture and design practices to come together to discuss, complete and secure the necessary internal approvals for award submissions. As a result, we saw a massive surge in late submissions from companies trying to meet the original deadline.

This at times overloaded our entry system, preventing some from making submissions, and led to us receiving multiple requests for entry extensions. To be fair to all entrants, we therefore decided to extend the entry deadline by two weeks.

The extension does not have any impact on A&D award 2020 entries already submitted. It does however ensure that all companies who wish to enter Asia’s most prestigious awards for the A&D community can still do so.