Energy-saving innovation in Qian Hai

Shenzhen’s Qian Hai new district is home to some of the region’s brightest young innovators and entrepreneurs. It is also home to a building that sets new standards in creativity and sustainable design.

The Phase 2 extension of the Accelerator Block, within the Qian Hai Creative Entrepreneur Hub, designed BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd, uses a remarkable double-skinned structure which not only creates a dramatic silhouette but also delivers huge energy savings.

The outer skin is made of free-form triangular perforated metal panels, which shade and cool the entire building in all seasons, while the inner skin is a curtain wall of openable windows to enhance cross ventilation. BHA founder Barrie Ho explains the magic of the skin is that doesn’t create and visual obstruction while reducing energy consumption by up to 20%.

He says the bold “comet-like” design is entirely compatible with the visionary future of the entrepreneurs and their passion to create a better environment.

Sitting almost entirely on reclaimed land in Shenzhen, Qian Hai is a collaborative development between Hong Kong and the mainland designed to nurture innovative start-ups. Combined with the sustainable architecture on show in buildings like the Accelerator, it could also become a model of future urban planning.