Elegance and drama abound in this striking dual-concept restaurant and bar

Kevin Yiu is rapidly developing a reputation for creating dramatic signature restaurants and bars within Hong Kong’s sprawling shopping malls. Room III and Kappou Mu is his latest creation – combining a modern Japanese bar with a traditional kappou counter – in Tsim Sha Tsui’s glitzy new H-Zentre.

Yiu, director of Minus Workshop and a PERSPECTIVE 40 Under 40 Award winner last year, explains the client wanted an exceptional Japanese gastro bar in the central part of the mall, with a size of 240 square metres.

“The primary goal was to create a memorable, immersive experience for guests, achieved through a striking and easily identifiable bar at the heart of the establishment,” he says. “They also wanted to feature a hidden omakase-style kappou counter, adding a sense of intrigue and mystery for curious guests.”

Guests enter via a tranquil bamboo grove with a forest-green pebble floor before choosing between an Edomae-style omakase and a contemporary gastro bar. Those opting for the dining experience find themselves sitting at a 14-seat Kappou counter in Japanese cedar-clad room under eaves inspired by a traditional sushi roller.

Alternatively, guests move down a winding hallway to an elegant lounge area illuminated by floating sphere pendant lights and where the bar, framed by a distorted reflective cage, takes centre stage.

Yiu highlights various custom pieces that enrich the ambience of the dual-concept venue. These include mirrored panels with crystal beads, a bamboo chandelier, tinted leaf wallpaper and a moss-like carpet pattern, and a centre lamppost inspired by traditional Japanese lampposts. The extensive use of mirrored facades pay homage to Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao’s famous mirror house design.

Yiu says each design detail is carefully crafted to create a “one-of-a-kind atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on all who enter it”. “All these elements come together to create an immersive space that’s beautiful and enchanting.”

Back in February, we featured another of Kevin’s projects, a visually stunning Japanese café called Que, in the bustling Citygate complex in Tung Chung. We certainly look forward to seeing more of this creative designer’s work.