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    The beauty is in the detail

    “The details are not just the details,” said the late American architect and filmmaker Charles Eames, “they make the design”. And it’s the small details that make all the difference in Bean Buro’s latest project, a stylish and sophisticated workplace for its skincare specialist client.

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    A new centre of enlightenment in Hangzhou

    The Bodhi Tree, according to Buddhist tradition, is the holy fig tree under which Buddha sat to attain enlightenment. So, it’s fitting that the heart-shaped Bodhi leaf was the inspiration for a new IT research centre, designed by Hong Kong-based international architecture firm Aedas, on the banks of Nanhu Lake in Hangzhou.

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    All aboard Yiu’s Ark of Gastronomy

    One of the latest offerings from in-demand restaurant designer Kevin Yiu is an immersive Chiu Chow restaurant in Yuen Long with a whimsical nautical theme that references one of the city’s most celebrated designers, Chi Wing Lo. Yiu says he was amazed by Lo’s seminal work, Ark of World Poetry, essentially a floating library, and thought why not apply the idea to the world of gastronomy.

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