2021 Winner

Mr Cm Jao

Title: Co-founder, Creative Director
Company: Oft Interiors Ltd.
Design Philosophy:

I love challenges, that makes OFT an young and energetic company, my team strives for innovation in the projects, we do not stick to just single style, yet we seek changes and keep exploring possibilities which truly reflects the valuable Hong Kong Spirits.

With the growth of me and the team, as well as our capability in managing large-scale projects, we are willing to take risks and grasp the opportunities to work on projects in China.

As one the the committees in HKIDA, I am eagerness to participate actively in the events of the local design industry, to make friends and to make our industry stronger.

I believe our team, OFT is full of potential for making further great progress. And I believe the team will not cease growing up or in promoting dynamic Hong Kong design and accelerating the dialogue among Hong Kong, mainland China and the region.