2021 Winner

Mr Ziyuan Chu

Title: Design Director
Company: Lacime Architects
Design Philosophy:

For me, architectural design is an interesting career full of challenges, and I will try not to repeat the previous design ideas. It isn’t easy, but it keeps me focused and sensitive. Just like the myriad possibilities of nature, the exploration of materials, structures, and spaces is endless. My design tries to convey some kind of simple and pure logic. A tree or a piece of cloud, for example, is pure and complicated, and has a clear and visible logic, even if it is still rich in meaning. Of course, a complete project requires the integration and redistribution of resources, as well as the close cooperation of many expertise areas. At such times, I am like a messenger carrying some certain message to ensure the unity of the part and the whole.

Actually, I prefer to keep my design simple: create an intrinsically visible container. I want users to explore the specific uses for themselves. It is not easy to make a “container” that can be called a work of art, and how can I guess whether the person who gets it uses it as a container for arranging flowers or a kettle?

I decided to recommend myself, because I hope my practice can show some value from a certain angle, that is, let more people pay attention to the charm of the original beauty. At the same time, I also hope to prove the value of architects in the dissemination and creation of culture and art.