2021 Winner

Mr Sheng Li

Title: Design Director
Company: Lacime Architects
Design Philosophy:

The experience of studying and working in Japan makes me think that reasonable function layout is the top priority of all my designs. A building requires comprehensive design, in addition to the external beauty, it also pays attention to the creation of space scenarios. There is no contradiction between function, space and form, and a truly good architecture will balance these three and make them coexist harmoniously and serve the people.

The “every step brings a different view, virtual scene and real scene coexist” mentioned in the Garden Design is my personal understanding of “flowing space”. This is well reflected in the hotel projects designed by me. I study the requirements of different customers for different scenes in different periods and try my best to make the hotel stay experience better. In renovation projects, I always try to restore the history of buildings more faithfully. As the carrier of urban cultural tradition, architecture needs to combine historical inheritance and modern functions under new functional requirements.

I often think about architects’ sense of social responsibility. In addition to the need for relatively solid design skills, we also need to observe the whole social environment. Our designs should not only meet the requirements of developers, but also think about what they can bring to the city and its surroundings. The Changfeng project originally involved a simple facade renovation, but in the end, it has added a central open community event space.