2021 Winner

Mr Quan Wang

Title: Director
Design Philosophy:

Design is an endless journey of observing both outwards and inwards, from the largest to the tiniest, the most comprehensive to the simplest, seeking a magic of creating some perfection. Architecture is born with context. It is always far more than a building, but a place, a story, a moment, a bunch of people. It melts all those elements together seamlessly. For a good architect, there in every design, always lies an opportunity of creating more value and something better. To achieve that, apart from knowledge and experiences, one has to have the widest eye, the most open mind and the kindest heart. I have super strong curiosity in imaging and designing the world. I am thankful to have the opportunities to complete several large scale important landmarks in full process with instructions of best-known masters at my early years’ practice. Years after, I gradually built up my solid professional portfolio and most important my own understandings and philosophy about the truth of design, which is Not easy at all for even life-long career time, making me now quite determined to stand at the edge of the time, pushing it forward with every better design. I see myself a qualified candidate if 40 under 40 is looking for young yet well matured, distinguished creative minds for the time. Thanks.