2021 Winner

Mr Yan Zhu

Title: Senior Associate
Design Philosophy:

Architects have the responsibility and obligation to approach the design environment and design needs with humility. We need to make tangible contributions to the built environment, by solving practical problems while focusing on continuous innovation. Architects should maintain an innovative spirit even under the harshest conditions, but never attach their personal ego with the projects they design. These are the principles I adhere to throughout my thirteen years of professional life. I prefer to consider myself a problem-solver, making appropriate and optimal choices for the ever-evolving built environment, while infusing a sense of uniqueness into each project. To me, this is how the process of architectural design manifests itself.

I have participated in two-story small building design, large-scale urban planning, and everything in between. I believe that architects are versatile.. From shaping the magnificent urban skyline with our profound understanding of place making, to mastering the smallest details to create functional and comfortable living environment —- these are the greatest joys of our profession.