2021 Winner

Mr Zhu Feng

Title: Founder & Principal
Company: VON Architects
Design Philosophy:

Mr Zhu Feng, an elite representative of the new generation of Chinese post-90s architects, advocates for creating value in art and design based on demand. His innovative thinking and elegant design style have had a significant impact on the architectural designcircles of the young generation born in the 1990s. He had worked for the Shanghai Urban Planning and Land Resources Administration Bureau on creating artistic maps of the cityscape of the Hengfu historical area, curated the 10th China Flower Expo Retrospective Exhibition, and took part in the construction of rural houses and was dedicated to the residential renaissance in rural regions. Mr Zhu Feng was always interested in the development of cultural projects and has designed cultural facilities such as the Yuz Museum, the Chongming Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, and the Yunhe High School History Museum.

Von Architects, founded by Zhu Feng, advocates for taking obvious challenges in urban development and user demand as building blocks, extracting culture from various regional contexts and presenting a product vision with the help of cutting-edge designs. Von means “Hope” in the Icelandic language, and its Chinese counterpart is “Feng Jian.” In Chinese, “Feng” has two interpretations: one as an adjective that means “rich” or “beautiful,” symbolizing the structure and posture of buildings, and the other as a verb that means “expansion” or “growth,” giving the building a long-lasting life. The word “Jian” encapsulates the various volumes and scales of the design content. The firm’s research and practice are focused on culture and art, innovative commerce, and urban/ rural renovation.