2021 Winner

Mr Chuan Wang

Title: Founding partner
Company: PMA (PolyMorphArchitects)
Design Philosophy:

Design philosophy:

We believe the form logic behind the design is not the form itself, but a way to enter the design. The composition of the form logic is more like a piece of “fabric”. The deconstruction process of the form logic structure requires designers to extract the silk from the cocoon and get deeply involved. The way and experience structure of deep involvement in the process is called “processing design”. After a period of process, it is also a creation experience of “creation”. It has its experiment, but it also needs to find the method of innovation and breakthrough in the design. From the “fabric” to the “creation” process, designers will always rise and fall in one urban place after another.

Morphological, Fabric, Dialogue:
To find the “morphological logic” behind the site, it is necessary to go through multiple rounds of analysis and calculation. The basic structure of the architecture itself is called “fabric”. The essence of the architecture is the whole of a fabric. We are good at “data analysis”, so that the project can establish a “site dialogue relationship”.

Multiple identities, Mix-use, Materials:
Different design scales or types have shaped our identities and provided us with different supplies. Such an uncertain sense of identity has also become our characteristics. We regard the design as an organism rather than an absolute place definition. The use of materials is determined through a dialogue between the architecture and the city.

Processing, Parametric, Iteration:
As process designers, what we are really exporting is a “process logic” that is itself higher than the spatial representation that is ultimately presented. Logical parameter deduction and analysis, slowly peel off the cocoon, and finally evolved into an entity. Every architecture has its design tendency, behind which there will be a logical repetition and iteration.