2021 Winner

Mr Qian Zhang

Title: Director, Co-Founder
Design Philosophy:

Since co-founding the eLandscript with Xiaolu Tang in 2015, Qian Zhang, as the chief designer of the team, has completed many influential public landscape projects in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, including post-hurricane reconstruction, ecological infrastructure, urban parks, riverfronts, urban streetscape, towers & mixed-use landscape.

Qian Zhang participated in the research and teaching of Land Art and Urban Ecological Footprint at the University of Hong Kong between 2011 and 2013. This also makes Qian Zhang prefer to start thinking from the large-scale site characteristics, and adopt a more fluent and concise language for public space design like land art. These projects are often close to or within the fast-developing cities. The concise design gives the site new brand, and it is often more adaptable for different activities and all citizens. At the same time, Qian is constantly pursuing the sustainability and design innovation of each project.

Qian Zhang designed a wide range of projects, ranging from 180-hectare Shenzhen Lianhuashan Park to the 5-hectare Shenzhen Four Seasons Park, from 19.5-km-long Shenzhen Yantian Waterfront Boardwalk to the 4-km-long Elevated Slow-traffic Bridge in the central city of Dongguan, from 593-hectare Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition New Town to the 400-hectare Guangzhou University Town Central Axis.

The projects that Qian Zhang lead are all located in the Greater Bay Area, often less than two hours driving distance. In this way, Qian and the team can better understand the progress of the project at each stage. In addition to discovering and correcting problems in design deepening and construction, the team can also better explore the cultural and ecological value of each project and each site.