2021 Winner

Mr Hao Li

Title: Chief Architect
Company: One Take Architects
Design Philosophy:

1.Rural Revival
Adhering to the concept of sustainability, Li Hao renovating old rural buildings, recreating the relationship between neighbors and communities, and promoting the revival of decayed villages, completing several projects such as Silver Linings, Cloudy Courtyard, Mirrored Sight Shelter, etc
2.Digital, technology, space and art
Technology and Art, they are both born of surprise and dedicated to discovery. In the current world full of excitement and noise, we still need to tell stories with warmth. Adhering to the idea of gamification design, Li Hao completed a lot of cross-domain interactive installations and public art creations such as Echo, Uncertain Memory, Mandala, etc
Li Hao cooperate with the digital technology team to explore the virtual world and community. With the appearance of increasingly powerful consumer-grade computing devices, cloud computing, and high-speed Internet connections, the concept of virtual communities is gradually becoming a reality.
3.Public Welfare Education
The PROGRAME SPARK is founded by Li Hao in 2017, it is a public welfare education project for left-behind children in rural areas. It has been being iterated for five consecutive years and gradually becoming an open-sources course to the public. The project is trying to promote community building and intergenerational equity by bringing kids’ interest back to the real world from the flooding of online games using nature and craft education.
4?Beyond Sustainable
Li Hao is promoting educational fairness and intergenerational justice with public welfare rural education projects; Creating public art installations based on ready-made products and flexible assembly system all components can be quickly constructed and assembled, dismantled and recycled, so to activate the vitality of the community.
Art, culture, and nature interactively circulate, sustainable share the earth.