2021 Winner

Mr Li Shuo

Title: Chief architect
Company: Dplus studio
Design Philosophy:

Mr. Li Shuo is a new generation of architects born in the 1980s in China. He used to work as a project designer at Vector architects and Scenic Architecture Office. He controlled and completed a number of cultural and educational projects throughout the process. He has extensive practical experience in urban, architectural and indoor areas.

In 2015, Mr. Li Shuo founded DPLUS STUDIO in Shanghai. In recent years, the team led by Li Shuo has come to the fore in the field of educational architectural design and office park design. It has built a number of international schools, public schools, and science and technology parks, and created an integrated, open, and diverse learning and office environment for users. The pleasant experience of being close to nature. For the past two years, due to excellent work. Has won many international and domestic design awards in Germany, Britain, China and so on.

On the one hand, his scope of work often spans multiple provinces in China, covering China’s diverse geographic and climatic characteristics. He adopts typological work methods to create different types to adapt to the urban environment of different densities. His work covers architecture to planning, urban to rural, indoor to product.

On the other hand, Li Shuo insisted on in-depth detail design and material application. From the beginning of the design, I have been questioning the practical significance of the design, rather than the over-expression of the architect’s self-consciousness. Establish an independent and clear design concept, guide the construction nodes, maintain the team’s complete control over the entire design process, and fully realize the original design intent,

As a young architect active in the forefront of China, Li Shuo’s work is also a microcosm of the process of urbanization in China and a reaction to the industrialization of Chinese architecture.