2021 Winner

Mr Chester Goh

Title: Co-Founder
Company: CE-ST Design Studio
Design Philosophy:

I run a small design studio with my wife and partner Esther Li based in Zhongshan China & Singapore. We have two very simple design philosophies that we bring across to every project we work on. The first is to design with passion and the second is to never stop learning.

Design is a non-linear process, it can be very exhausting at times to create innovative solutions within a short period of time. Therefore it is vital to have the passion to move forward, persevere and design without boundaries.

Technological advancement has impacted the way we live and perceive society today. Today, we see cars and electronic products being built with robots and AI in the production assembly line. Unfortunately, it is still not the case for the built environment sector as most of the buildings still require the work of manual labour through traditional methods.

More work and research needs to be done in this field where intelligence and self-sustainability will have a direct impact to our future and environment.
Through our projects we have been working on, we try to develop new concepts and sustainable solutions to tackle the current prevailing environmental conditions.

After a 10 year hiatus from schooling, I have decided to start my Master of Architecture research program on Future Human Habitats at Tsinghua University. In this capacity, I hope to bring new ideas through research and contribute to the future of the built environment and the society.

It is therefore of utmost importance to never stop learning as we keep finding solutions through designing with passion to protect the environment for our future generations to live in peace.

I hope to use this award as a platform to create environmental and sustainable awareness through our new designs.