2021 Winner

Mr Zac Wong

Title: Design Director
Design Philosophy:

Life in Hong kong is fast-paced, stressful and overwhelming. And one of the reasons is, as the popular saying goes, a square foot of land in Hong Kong is worth a square inch of gold.

In the light of it, my design philosophy has always been revolving around the aim of improving Hongkongers’ quality of life by bringing visually futuristic touches and a sense of happiness into their own interior spaces. Regardless of the size of the given home unit or commercial unit, my designs strive not only to make the most of every inch of its interior spaces, but also to effect unique, sensory and physical experiences that can envision different owners’ personalities.

My design strategy does not confine itself to space planning, lighting, texture in different materials. Especially when it comes to units with spectacular views, merging the exterior view and the interior space together can further evoke positive, lively feelings. I have faith in the sustainability of my design approach because it caters for all housing and building ranges.

The essence of interior design to me is not just about narrating how people live in one place or make use of the place in a visually aesthetic way, but also facilitating the way they live in it, and by extension, to make them happier.