2021 Winner

Mr Guowei Zhang

Title: Founding Partner, CEO, Chef Architect
Company: GWP Architects
Design Philosophy:

I studied architecture in UCLA for my undergraduate degree and Harvard University for my master’s degree. Later, with several like-minded partners, I founded GWP Architects in the United States and participated in the research and practice of various projects. I advocate philosopher Heidegger’s thought that “architecture should be a kind of poetic dwelling existence”. In my opinion, space always exists, and architecture is the medium of expression and emotional interpretation for people’s poetic dwelling. Human emotion is a dialectical contradiction, just like the taiji thought of Chinese culture, which is my original design thinking. I returned to China in 2015 and set up China regional headquarters and overseas project branches in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Combined with my design philosophy, I created a series of large-scale landmark projects, among which the representative works are as follows: Guangzhou Fengsheng 101 super high-rise complex, Guangzhou Sanqi Entertainment Global headquarters, Daishenlin Pharmaceutical Group Guangzhou operation headquarters, Dongguan CBD parking building, Thailand Koh Samui butterfly villasand other star resort hotels. In recent years, my team and I have won many awards at home and abroad, including Italy the Plan Award, Golden Nugget Award, German Iconic Design Award, World Design Award, Asian Real Estate Design Award, London Outstanding Design Award, IDA Design Award, INSIDE Design Award, MUSE Design Award, etc.