2021 Winner

Mr Chris Chen

Title: Executive Director
Company: Aedas
Design Philosophy:

For me, design is to create a system, which is adaptive to our environment surrounded us. Architecture has to be contextual and responsive to where it sits, because a good building firstly is to provide a sheltered place for people to live in, where people could seamlessly co-exist with the context, the nature.

Design is to compose a series of space to encourage people’s social life and communications. To give building meaning, is to set up a dialogue between buildings and users, a good design will vitalize our environment and inspire people with social interaction. Under the rapid urbanization here in China, more public spaces are urgently requested at present, and it’s our responsibility to fulfill people’s needs.

Design is to introduce a linkage from past, present to future. In my architectural practice, I respect local history, current lifestyle, and try to materialize the future with my own visions.

Educated in UK and China with degrees in Emergent Technologies, Biometrics and Architecture, I am adamant in applying my cross-discipline knowledge and global perspective in my career in China.

My over 10-year experience in China has lent my expertise in high-rise towers, commercial retail, hotel complexes, urban regeneration, infrastructure, and public cultural architecture projects; I has landed momentous projects such as the Huanggang Port New Development Project, Shenzhen Futian International Sports and Culture Exchange Center, and the St. Regis Hotel in Qianhai, Shenzhen.

At my age of nearly 40, I will continue leading a creative design team in Aedas, with my aspirations unchanged, to contribute to the architecture development in China. It will be great if my endeavor is recognized by the award committee, and it will be even exciting if I could meet a bunch of young professionals through this event.