2023 Winner

Ms Shining, Christina Sun

Title: Principal Architect and Founder
Company: ARCHIS Design Studio
Design Philosophy:

ARCHIS is a multi-disciplinary and research-led design studio working at the intersection of architecture, art, and science. The design philosophy of ARCHIS is to create a new architectural paradigm by pushing the boundaries of divided traditional design through multidisciplinary, bottom-up, and cutting-edge design. Headquartered in Hangzhou and with office branches in Boston, the office is a team of experienced designers from Harvard and MIT and professionals from diverse international backgrounds. Since 2018, ARCHIS has been developing innovative approaches that support the increasing dynamism and complexity of contemporary buildings and cities. ARCHIS utilizes bottom-up and non-linear design research methods that embrace contradictions and complexities in the built environment. Working across a broad design spectrum, the studio’s work ranges from large-scale urban planning and architecture to public art and exhibitions design. In constantly pushing the boundaries of existing temporal and spatial relationships, ARCHIS aims to produce solutions that are not formally preconceived, but rather emergent from and tailored to the particular contextual adjacencies and contingent interrelationships of each project. In parallel with my practice, my academic scholarship and doctoral dissertation explore multidisciplinary work in architectural theory, non-linear systems, and generative design in computation. Collaborating with artists and scientists, I have exhibited at Shanghai Pudong Art Museum, Venice Biennale, Pingyao International Film Festival (AI-IF Film), SpamArt Foundation, and Hartell Gallery. I’ve also taught at institutions such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Harvard, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University and served as a juror at esteemed academic institutions such as Harvard, Syracuse, and Cornell University. Previously, I had practiced at internationally recognized offices, including OMA, AECOM, and Aedas. I wish to join 40 under 40 so that the creative work by ARCHIS can be shared with more people and serve as a source of inspiration for multidisciplinary experimentations.