2023 Winner

Mr Jireh Lee

Title: Associate
Company: DP Architects Pte Ltd
Design Philosophy:

Jireh is driven by a belief that architecture of the future lies in the blend of sustainability and computational design, which is crucial for architects’ and designers’ quest to build a greener society. This duality combines creativity, technical expertise, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. He strives to deliver innovative green building designs, that not only inspire and delight but also contribute positively to health & well-being of its inhabitants. In pursuant of his commitment to raising eco-consciousness awareness, in 2019, Jireh and his team delivered the award-winning sustainable art installation Why Green? at iLight Singapore festival, which won the International Architecture Awards 2020. The art light installation presented a parametrically arranged series of white, three-dimensionally printed flowers to create a timeless catalogue of our present and history, while offering a glimpse into what our digital future could be. Jireh’s approach to architecture is also rooted in a deep understanding of sustainable principles. He consistently employs a holistic and environmentally conscious design method, utilising renewable energy sources, optimising natural light and ventilation, and specifying eco-friendly building materials. Through careful analysis and research, he ensures that his projects minimises their ecological footprint and contribute positively to the environment. This is evident in the recently completed SAFRA CCK Clubhouse which was awarded Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy Award in 2023. Beyond his professional practice, Jireh is actively involved in the architectural education community, attending conferences, contributing to design publications, and participating in workshops. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Challenge for the Urban & Built Environment (CUBE) is one such example where he facilitated youths in experiencing Singapore’s urban design and planning. He believes in the power of knowledge sharing and strives to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in architecture.