2023 Winner

Mr To Ching Hing

Title: Director
Company: Ajar Limited
Design Philosophy:

Derrick believes that architecture and the built environment have deep influences on people’s perception of the world and the society, and design has the power to inspire and create changes, as well as uniting the community. Co-founded award-winning studio AJAR, Derrick strives to exercise the design philosophy with intrinsic relationships between places and people, materials and sensations, by creating bespoke designs and spatial experiences through combining materials, elements of the nature and local contexts in a contemporary way. To bring architecture closer to the people, we are passionate about a wider range of designs and creations, such as public art, installations, architecture, interior design, exhibition, event management and more, and believe that any interventions, regardless of their size, are opportunities for engagement and meaning. Derrick embraces the communicative potentials of architecture to the public and have engaged in numerous public space installation projects, exhibitions locally and oversea, such the “UABB HK”, “More than High-rise: Exploring Hong Kong through Architecture” in Tokyo, “Hidden Architects, Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture”. He is also a frequent participator of design competition and has gained awards such as Honourable Mention for the “HKIA Young Architects Award 2018”; “HKIA Innovative Youth Housing”, “HKIA Qianhai Architecture Competition”, some of which the competition entries are being constructed. Derrick has taught in the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, as well as being guest critics at the Chu Hai Collage’s Dept of Architecture. By having the chance to become one of the 40 under 40 winners, it would be a remarkable recognition of my effort contributed to the built environment and the design community, and would encourage me to go further to create more meaningful design projects, dialogs and discourses, as well as extending the design passion, inspiration and opportunities to the younger generation of architects and designers.