2023 Winner

Mr Davy Ku

Title: Senior Associate Director
Company: CAN Design
Design Philosophy:

Davy is a Senior Associate Director of Architecture at CAN and known as a theoretical and practical architect. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Hong Kong and a master’s degree in architecture from the Netherlands, where he is a registered architect. At the forefront of his role as a team leader, Davy extends beyond traditional management approaches to foster strong relationships with clients and project stakeholders. Recognizing the importance of human-centered design, he strives to enhance users’ experiences by striking the perfect balance between rationality and aesthetics. With over a decade of experience, Davy actively engages in a wide range of projects, including commercial, mixed-use, office, and residential developments. His creative approach and innovative design solutions set him apart in the industry. With a deep understanding that architecture should seamlessly blend form and function, Davy strives to design spaces that not only captivate the senses but also serve a purpose. Advocating for collaboration and open discourse, he consistently pushes the boundaries of the design process. By embracing a collaborative and user-focused approach, Davy applies his expertise in experiential design to projects of all scales, from master planning to intricate spatial designs. Davy’s expertise extends beyond design and encompasses the efficient allocation of resources, adhering to project budgets, and navigating demanding project schedules. His ability to effectively manage these aspects ensures the successful execution of projects while maintaining a high level of design excellence. Davy’s leadership skills shine through his ability to inspire and motivate his team of talented designers. He encourages a collaborative environment that nurtures creativity and allows for the exploration of novel ideas. His passion for design excellence is evident in his ability to create harmonious environments that exceed expectations and create meaningful connections with users. He is deeply committed to creating spaces that enrich the human experience while leaving a lasting impression of timeless elegance.