2023 Winner

Mr Kinji Chan

Title: Associate Director
Company: CAN Design
Design Philosophy:

As an Associate Director with over 19 years of experience in the industry, Kinji is part of a deep bench of talent at CAN. He has contributed to numerous award-winning projects in the sectors of retail, mixed-use, and workplace interiors. His innovative approach challenges conventions and unlocks the true spatial potential of each endeavor. Kinji’s passion lies at the dynamic intersection between architecture and interiors, where he skillfully fosters collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams to deliver extraordinary designs. From conceptualization to completion, his narrative-driven approach intertwines storytelling with forward-thinking design, reinventing spaces to embrace functionality, visual sensation, and the unique identity of each project. His philosophy of ""Human by Design"" embodies spaces that inspire, uplift, comfort, and nurture people. In his pursuit of excellence, Kinji strives to cultivate holistic, authentic and multosensory environments. His diverse interests and expertise transcend any specific design style, constantly pushing the boundaries of design by integrating technology. His design involves both research and personal engagement to truly resonate the soul and unique sense of purpose for a project. Kinji’s design sensibility and thoughtfulness echoes with all who enter the spaces he designs. He firmly believes that a sense of space, retail experience, and nature are indispensable elements of design. Nature, in his perspective, encompasses a multitude of possibilities for integrating natural elements through a multidimensional lens, ranging from ecological environments to the tiniest of details. His commitment to creating transformative spaces that captivate and connect with people on a profound level sets him apart. Kinji’s leadership extends beyond design excellence. His strategic vision and exceptional management skills have led to remarkable growth for the team. Under his guidance, the team size has expanded impressively. His ability to inspire the team has created a dynamic and high-performing environment, where each member feels valued and motivated to achieve excellence.