2023 Winner

Mr Yan Hu

Title: Principal Architect
Company: PMT Partners Ltd
Design Philosophy:

Mr. Hu Yan works in the fields of urban and rural planning, public architecture, interior design, landscape design and art installation. He explores the possibilities of future lifestyle with multidimensional thinking and cross-professional integration. In design practice, we face the superposition of multiple layers of meaning in today’s society, always uphold the concept of "design is bigger than design itself", open to diversity, intervene in design with creative thinking and pragmatic means, and strive to challenge traditions and the status quo in the face of the rapid change of the times and provide constructive responses to the future social environment. Mr. Hu Yan hopes that each project is forward-looking and experimental, challenging the status quo of the industry. I hope to express time through space in my work, so that people can experience a richer dimension of space-time experience; rituals are shaped by space, creating a unique sense of place and emotional resonance.