2023 Winner

Ms Wenyuan Wei

Title: Branding Manager
Company: Lacime Architects
Design Philosophy:

Since my graduation in 2012, I have spent the past eleven years actively engaged in architectural schematic design. I have progressed from being an architect responsible for specific aspects of architectural design to assuming the role of a project manager overseeing entire projects. This journey has given me a deeper understanding of the stories behind each building. My interactions with various designers, clients, and partners have enriched my practical experience and prompted me to contemplate the essence of architecture. I believe that architecture can sometimes be the result of serendipity, taking on a distinct character when shaped by different dominant values and designers. It is this uniqueness that defines each project. As a result, I, along with my design partners, begin each project with a thorough preliminary research, which serves as the foundation for developing innovative concepts that guide our entire design process. We then bring the project to fruition through negotiation and collaboration with a wide range of partners. Throughout my career, I have been involved in designing various building types, including residential and office spaces, subway station canopies, and industrial site renovations. This diverse experience has enabled me to break free from rigid design mindsets and architectural stereotypes solely determined by a building’s function. Instead, it encourages me to reflect on the dynamic relationship between the building, its users, and the urban environment, and to consider the emotional connections that the finished structure will foster with users and visitors. My aspiration is for each building to transcend its current functions and embrace a greater diversity of social significance.