2023 Winner

Mr Vince Yip

Title: Associate Director
Company: CAN Design
Design Philosophy:

Vince, an Associate Director at CAN Design, is a highly accomplished professional in the field of retail design and project management. With over 12 years of experience, Vince has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication in creating transformative retail experiences. As a visionary leader, Vince oversees sizable projects from the initial stages to ensure seamless execution. His responsibilities include project bidding, contract review, retail planning, and design concept development. Vince’s effective coordination with consultants and clients ensures that projects are delivered in accordance with the proposed design, satisfying both aesthetic and functional requirements. Beyond his day-to-day operations, Vince plays a key role in the AI team, exploring the application of artificial intelligence to streamline the design process. His forward-thinking approach contributes to the development of innovative design possibilities and enhances the team’s efficiency. Vince firmly believes that design goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on the mechanics and functionality of each creation. His leadership on retail projects is characterized by a strategic emphasis on reshaping shopping behaviors. By redefining and shaping the way people engage in shopping experiences, Vince creates immersive and personalized adventures, transforming mundane tasks into meaningful journeys for customers. Through a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, cultural appreciation, sensory awareness, and cost control, Vince’s past projects have successfully catalyzed a shift in consumer behavior. By creating holistic shopping experiences that deeply resonate with individuals, Vince values their preferences, habits, and choices in sustainable and enriching ways. Vince’s achievements stand as a testament to his exceptional ability to craft retail spaces that transcend traditional boundaries. He consistently demonstrates a keen understanding of how design can enhance core purposes and usability, resulting in seamless and efficient environments. Vince has made remarkable contributions to the field of retail design, and he remains committed to creating transformative and immersive shopping experiences.