2023 Winner

Mr Zhewei Feng

Design Philosophy:

Urban buildings are typically of massive scale, serving the city as mega living platforms, accommodating the daily lives of millions. As one of the architects dedicated to designing those buildings, I always ask myself: ’Are our designs creative enough to enhance the urban environment and promote a better lifestyle?’ I am ZHEWEI FENG, a Director from L&P Architects. I oversee multiple large-scale mixed-use projects across China for our company. With a background in both architecture and urban design, I am committed to designing architecture that impact cities in positive ways. ’Human-Centric’ is the core of my design philosophy: I prioritize human-scale building spaces in my design process. In recent projects, I explored how to improve urban working and living experiences by making the spaces more open and natural in innovative ways. Also, I am trying to redefine the concept of ’Landmark’ super-tall towers by incorporating more unique and accessible spaces, thus transforming them into buildings that are more welcoming to the public. Over the past few years, some of these projects that I lead have been honored with over twenty international awards, which I believe recognizes the value I aim to instill. Participating in academic discourses on urban topics is also something I am keen on. I have been continuously assisting my university professor, Dr. Stefan Al, on various urban research topics that are detailed in his publications. Meanwhile, I actively share my thoughts as a lecture speaker, starting from the 2013 UABB/Shenzhen-HongKong Bi-City Biennale and subsequently at several universities. This year, I hope my endeavors can be acknowledged by the esteemed 40U40-award judges. Such recognition would serve as a meaningful encouragement at this stage of my career, further fueling my dedication to our city. Furthermore, I wish my recognition can inspire other dedicated architects who, like me, continuously strive to make cities better.