2023 Winner

Mr Kwan Kit, Franky Chan

Title: Associate
Company: Farrells
Design Philosophy:

Architecture and building design should always be informed by the context and ‘place’. As an urban design-architect, I believe architect shapes building, the building shapes its internal functions and at the same time it shapes the public space around it. Architecture is not an individual object; it is a ‘connector’ within the public realm and its neighbourhood. My architectural values on adaptability, flexibility, integration reuse, regeneration and social responsiveness has been expressed on various projects. In the Science and History Museum Extension project, one of the design concepts is to reuse of the 30-years-old museums materials as the building materials of the new annexes. The mixture of the old and the new becomes a unique language of the project. Flexible layout enhances sustainability. Spatial quality and human connections are important for architectural design. Circular building form of the new science annex enhances visitor experience by maximising views to it surrounding context. I believe architecture is an art of sculpting human experiences. Buildings and urban fabric should be vulnerable to climate change. Sustainable architecture and urban design are the key to a sustainable future. I have involved in resilient strategy study in urban design and sustainable architectural design. My sustainable city vision has been transformed findings into latest UDG. I believe the revamped UDG can also safeguard quality public open spaces in the high-density mixed-use urban context of Hong Kong. I have worked on various international projects in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I have over 13 years of experiences in the architecture/building design industry, and in addition experiences in urban design and interior design field. I believe I have the vision beyond architecture, a vision across various scales and disciplines.