2023 Winner

Mr Udo Lam

Title: Director
Company: Otherwhere Studio Limited
Design Philosophy:

I hold a strong conviction that space extends beyond physical boundaries, while human emotions know no limits. My design philosophy seamlessly integrates with the natural environment, harnessing the essence of nature to reveal the profound depths of life. By placing significant emphasis on the emotional connection between individuals and their surroundings, I meticulously consider the practical applications of lifestyle patterns, infusing my designs with the captivating allure of natural aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship. Through this deliberate approach, individuals effortlessly and joyfully immerse themselves in the space, enhancing their overall experiential journey within life’s encompassing embrace. I firmly believe that a thoughtfully designed space has the transformative power to redefine our way of living, working, and interacting, and I am dedicated to creating environments that enrich the human experience.