2023 Winner

Mr Henk Xiao

Title: Design Director
Design Philosophy:

I started my career in architectural design in Guangzhou in 2008 and have been focusing on hotel interior design for 7 years at CCD Cheng Chung Design since 2013. As a designer, I always believe that I stand on the boundary between the interior and exterior of a building. Interior design should not only focus on the form of the interior space, but also open up the building to integrate the landscape and interior, blurring the boundaries of the space. This is the underlying logic of my design. In 2020, I founded FREEFORM DESIGN in Shenzhen, symbolizing ""free form"". Every project undertaken by the firm injects new and global design thinking, not limited to design styles and spatial expression forms, while maintaining innovation and the design concept of ""integration of interior and exterior of buildings"" to complete the design projects. After fifteen years of design journey, I believe that an excellent contemporary space design work is no longer just about controlling construction, proportion, materials, and craftsmanship, but more importantly, it lies in the transmission of spatial emotions, allowing people to resonate emotionally while wandering in the space.