2023 Winner

Mr Wai Tong, Thomas Chan

Title: Associate
Design Philosophy:

I am a design architect with 12+ years of diverse experience. With a track record of working on famous and award-winning projects across various sectors like entertainment, transportation, retail, cultural and mixed-use developments, I currently lead a team at LWK+Partners, dedicated to designing works that meet different communities’ need. My design philosophy revolves around the idea of combining functionality with a human touch. I believe in the balance between meeting users’ physical needs and serving intangible and unspoken desires. By creating spaces that foster a sense of community and connection, I aim to uplift users’ overall spatial experience. I have an aspiration to enhance the perception of Hong Kong architectural standards. Throughout history, designs from Hong Kong were functional but lacking in aesthetics. I’m determined to change this perception. I actively participate in international competitions to showcase the exceptional talents of Hong Kong designers. Notable examples include The Stars and Da Wang Jing. Some of my works have also been exhibited at prestigious events like the 2016 Venice Biennale and the 2018 HK-Venice Biennale. Throughout the years, I have participated in global architecture competitions and was honoured with numerous awards. This recognition has enabled me to bring my designs to life. These achievements serve as personal milestones and a responsibility to contribute to the growth and development of our design industry. I’m committed to contributing to the industry and the community. As a part-time lecturer, I teach architecture and interior design, and speak at YWCA Career Discovery to introduce secondary school students to our industry. By sharing my design experience and knowledge, I hope to inspire the next generation of architects. I believe my work and contributions to the community might put me among this ultimate accolade - 40 under 40 winners this year.