2023 Winner

Mr Tin Long Wong

Title: Project Manager
Company: Hutchsion Whampoa Project Management (Livia Winbo) Limited
Design Philosophy:

While I refrain from proclaiming a fully formed architectural philosophy, my track record speaks volumes about my passion and capabilities to advance further. I would like to highlight three exemplary projects in my portfolio: Kouzan Woods (Director), World Trade Center 3B (Lead Architect), and South Beach Tower (Architectural Assistant). These projects demonstrate my consistent dedication to achieving excellence and my unwavering desire to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished by an architect at different stages of my career. Apart from my work experience, I am also highly involved in architectural community works. In my early career, I had the privilege of being involved in the 1st and 2nd HK/SZ Biennale curating teams, as well as many other exhibition works both in Hong Kong and overseas. To this day, I remain a member of the Board of Internal Affairs at the HKIA, working hard to cultivate and connect with the broader architectural community. Lastly, being an excellent designer and developing my own philosophy is a long journey. I believe I am currently standing at the mid-way point, with years of refinement ahead. My latest adventure with the Kouzan Woods project, where I served as an architect and developer simultaneously, has further elevated my eagerness to explore uncharted boundaries and possibilities of being an architect. Discovering value from each land search and assembling my own team for professional collaborations has opened a new way to achieve excellence. Recently, I am still striving to deliver designs that I hope can inspire and enrich the architectural landscape in an alternative way. Being recognized as one of the 40 under 40 winners would not only validate my abilities and passion but also provide encouragement for unconventional architects like myself to persevere in our quest for architectural advancement.