2023 Winner

Ms Hazel Wong

Title: Interior Design Manager
Company: Wharf Limited
Design Philosophy:

Hazel’s passion for spatial design was sparked in her childhood, inspired by her skilled carpenter father. Witnessing his dedication,sweat, and sacrifices, she developed a profound respect for those working in the field. With over a decade of experience, Hazel feels privileged of working on prestigious projects in Chengdu, Changsha, and Chongqing. Notably, the Changsha skyscraper and complex is the tallest tower in Hunan, comprising a grand shopping mall, office towers, hotels, and residences which required collaboration with numerous consultants and professionals. Hazel not only served as a driving force behind design consultants, ensuring the highest standards and quality, but also meticulously examined every interior study and every detail for feasibility, believing that enduring and successful projects require smart design studies and a deep dive into intricate details. Witnessing a vast construction site transform into an influential city icon, making significant contributions to the city, is rewarding for her. As LEED AP, Hazel places great emphasis on incorporating sustainable elements into her designs. She played a pivotal role in delivering Hong Kong’s first LEED commercial project and continues to prioritize environmental consciousness. Hazel believes in empowering others by leveraging advanced technology to streamline work processes and design studies, rather than pressuring her teammates. Recognizing that the younger generation is the future, she seizes the opportunity to mentor students through ""Project WeCan,"" immersing them in the fast-paced working reality. She also volunteers as a tutor in different schools, sharing her technological skills and gaining fresh insights from these creative minds. Hazel firmly believes that successful projects are the result of collective efforts. From the highly skilled professionals to the dedicated workers, each contribution deserves recognition and appreciation. She is committed to using this award as an opportunity to give back and express heartful gratitude to all those who have truly contributed.