2023 Winner

Ms Jing Bao

Title: Director
Company: Groundwork Architects & Associates Limited
Design Philosophy:

As an architect, my design philosophy centers around creating inspiring and engaging spaces that meet functional needs. I believe in the transformative power of architecture to shape experiences and evoke emotions. I prioritize functionality, efficiency, and ease of movement to create visually appealing and practical environments. Lighting plays a crucial role in my designs, enhancing the ambiance and atmosphere of spaces. By strategically incorporating natural light through roof windows and trellises, I create dynamic environments that elevate the spatial experience. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth and intrigue, engaging the senses of users. Embracing contrast and balance is another key aspect of my design philosophy. I seek to challenge expectations by juxtaposing elements such as rough and feminine, masculine and inviting. This concept of yin and yang, of contrasting elements merging harmoniously, is a recurring theme in my work. By embracing contrast, I create spaces that captivate attention, spark curiosity, and inspire wonder. Throughout my career, I have worked on projects that exemplify my design philosophy. One standout project is ""The Veil"" City Lounge, where I designed a minimal structure that contrasts with its rough surroundings, creating a feminine and inviting environment. The interplay of lighting, curved walls, and varying light intensities symbolize the concept of yin and yang, celebrating elegance within a robust setting. In summary, my design philosophy centers around creating inspiring and engaging spaces that are functional and visually appealing. By prioritizing functionality, incorporating dynamic lighting, and embracing contrast and balance, I strive to create designs that have a lasting impact. With a focus on transformative experiences, I push the boundaries of architectural design to captivate and enhance the lives of those who encounter my spaces.