2023 Winner

Mr Tao Wu

Title: Founder, Chief Architect
Design Philosophy:

As the founder and Chief Architect of JIHE ARCHITECTS, Wu Tao studied under Mr. Wang Shu, China’s only Pritzker Prize winner, and recently collaborated with Sir David Alan Chipperfield CH on the design of the Yuli Future Community of Jiaxing Vanke. Mr. Wu used to be the design director of first-line design firms in China. With rich project experience and handling power, he has involved in a large number of urban architectural design cases. Many of his works have addressed practical urban functional issues and been recognized by various international awards. Mr. Wu has led a variety of small public building projects, and shows unique experience and ability to discover and reorganize their value in the city. These small buildings are an important link between residents’ daily activities and urban functions, as well as places for people to interact. In every design practice, Mr. Wu strives to seek the balance of economic, social and cultural aspects of community architecture, the efficient matching of architectural aesthetics and functions, the effective integration of innovation and habits, the positive correlation between place and city, and the use and re-release of site after organizing. Mr. Wu participated in the design of neighborhood centers, commercial blocks, cultural and artistic spaces and other buildings in several large communities, fully demonstrating his ability to coordinate and organize developers, governments and residents. These works focus on urban integration and connection with the surrounding environment and open spaces, enhance the quality of citizens’ life , stimulate the vitality of communities, and demonstrate his understanding, respect for public values. The delicate spatial handling techniques, the operation of materials, and the construction and elaborate design of nodes demonstrate his profound architectural design skills and attainments.