2023 Winner

Ms Samantha Soo

Title: Founder / Creative Director
Company: Studiossoo
Design Philosophy:

Our design philosophy is ¬to breathe life into a place through storytelling. We approach each project with an open mind, creating evocative spaces with a strong design narrative. We weave narratives not only with words, but using colour and tone, textures and materials, light and shadow, turning visions into reality in a way that piques the mind and captivates the heart. We proudly put our clients first, focusing on identifying the fundamental necessities that make all the difference. I launched Studiossoo with a mission to “Pay homage to a place through storytelling” ¬ the start of a new chapter in a life entwined with design. We are deeply influenced by both East and West cultures in our work. Our aesthetic approach draws from her multicultural background and awareness, deftly making use of materials and textures to create immersive and multi-sensory spatial experiences. From hotels to residences to retail spaces, we have the ability to connect with her clients, going beyond mere aesthetics to shape daily experiences and inspire creativity and productivity with deeply personal designs. But our impact reaches far beyond the personal level – we recognises the power of design to tackle larger societal issues such as sustainability and accessibility. By prioritising these values in our designs, we are actively making a positive impact on the world around us. Our work is a testament to the transformative power of design, creating meaningful connections between people and their environments. Our designs are not only functional and beautiful, but also enriching and transformative for the individual as well as society.