2023 Winner

Ms Qiao Yang

Title: Associate
Company: Aecom
Design Philosophy:

As a UK-educated and licensed architect, I’ve contributed to numerous high-profile projects, from mixed-use developments and high-rise towers to shopping centers, offices, and renovations. I firmly believe that the success of any project hinges on the collaboration and support from clients, engineers, designers, and the construction team. Working collaboratively with various professionals, providing design solutions based on feedback, managing project delivery, and reviewing design details constitute the most rewarding aspects of my job. To me, architecture represents a vocation that transcends a mere profession. It plays a pivotal role in shaping communities and significantly influences lives. Over my 14 years of global work experience, I have overseen the enhancement of the environments and cities we inhabit through our design and the creation of high-quality buildings and urban spaces. The built environment also evolves over time, facing challenges such as climate changes, social conflicts, and economic uncertainties. And one of the key factor in buildings adapt to future changes lies in flexibility. As a designer, while emphasizing construction quality and environmental comfort, I am also exploring design possibilities for the later adaptability of diverse spatial functionalities. By integrating sustainability and innovative design solutions, we can encourage dynamic interactions and engagement, ultimately creating a better world for our society and the environment.""