2023 Winner

Mr Matt Chan

Title: Architect
Company: The Oval Partnership Limited
Design Philosophy:

I believe practising architecture is a journey to pursue the possible ways to merit the harmony of a planned environment which embodies social individuals’ everyday stories, the urban co-creation agenda, the biophilic and city rewilding awareness, the identity and spatial recognition of the transcendence, and the vision of the ongoings. Respectfully engaging with Pagoda Park, we meticulously integrated our architecture with the essence of the local ’An Ren Fang’ characteristic. This approach provides a thoughtful connection between historical identity and modern social content, suggesting a possible method of merging our development with heritage legacy, thus making it a part of the city’s future. The project development extensively integrates sustainable studies in architectural design, benchmarking a new level of thought in planning green, user-friendly environments that promote well-being and city rewilding awareness. The integration of various timber structures into this retail development represents a sustainable approach to introducing and combining low embodied carbon (EC) structures in future retail architecture. Moreover, the project is an excellent example of promoting the sustainability agenda. By liaising early with tenants, we inspired a design process that reduced building material wastage while also fostering environment co-creation for an organic and ever-changing streetscape. My efforts reflect a deep commitment to shaping architecture that resonates with people’s stories, fosters co-creation, promotes biophilic and city rewilding principles, and embodies a future vision. Guided by my philosophy and embodied in my work, these endeavours make me a strong candidate for the 40 Under 40 award.