2023 Winner

Mr Chun Pong Fung

Title: Design Principle
Company: News-D Limited
Design Philosophy:

I am Design Principal at NEWS-D Limited , the co-manager of creative direction, with a diverse range of expertise spanning masterplanning, mixed-use development, city regeneration, building renovation, architectural and interior design. I believe in the transformative power of design and its ability to enhance the quality of life, foster meaningful interactions, advocate sustainable living and barring a story regardless the spirit of times. My early practice at Benoy involved large scale projects like Shenzhen Raffles City, MixC Qianhai, Shanghai LCM etc, broadening my exposure on various building types, techniques and city transformation. Throughout the years, I have been exploring and practicing how to immerse architecture with city context and balance commercial demands with city context preservation. As part of a city transformation stakeholder, I devote to realize the city and people’s needs and these strong motivations shaped my design philosophy. After completed numbers of large-scale projects, while the market is still busy in fast growing mixed-use developments, I have had the privilege to lead various award-winning city regeneration projects in China such as Xian Guoba Factory Renovation, Hangzhou East Station Mixc, Chengdu Chenghua Factory Renovation, Shenzhen Luohu city living room regeneration.etc since 2018. In these projects, I developed my philosophy, tailored design solutions to the context while maintaining commercial success. After COVID, city restructure and regeneration became the common pattern in China. I believe my unique design path could explore opportunities to invoke potential energy by implanting the new functions and buildings into these aging structures. My design philosophy is evolving. My design is breaking through the traditional boundaries. I believe my projects practices will not only ignite next-generation’s power and urban vibrance but also cultivate a new cultural identity to the city while preserving the soul of the place.