2022 Winner

Mr Zhifei Li

Title: Founder & Design director
Company: super tomato
Design Philosophy:

Design without spirit is like people without souls, left only with a shell. A good designer must be able to accomplish any kind of design, and more importantly, believe that he/she can design. A good manager must be able to manage any kind of business, and more importantly, believe that he/she can manage it. A good actor must be able to play any kind of role, and more importantly, believe that he/she can play it. The greatest joy of design is to nurture an abstract concept into realization, like bringing up a newborn baby. Both bring people happiness and a sense of pride. Apart from time and budget, the biggest challenge we designers need to face is communication and coordination. Interior designers are the coordinators of space, as we have to coordinate all aspects such as materials, furniture and lighting, and to discuss various technical details with the construction team. This is certainly a process of mutual learning and complementing each other’s weaknesses, which requires mutual respect, trust and tacit cooperation. I endeavor to help clients solve problems and create value. I believe the value of design is to change the world, and every designer has the ability to do it. ""A flower is a world; a leaf is a Bodhi tree"". We must not underestimate our own power. Only with this kind of belief can we truly bring out the value of design.