2022 Winner

Mr Yu Bai

Title: Founding Director / Chief Architect
Company: BAI Design International
Design Philosophy:

I lead the BAIDI team and always use design as a medium to promote the process of thinking and developing architecture in relation to society, to health, to life and to humanistic concerns. It is through design, but not only design, that architecture becomes more meaningful, focusing on the following issues: Ageing: China’s elderly population is predicted to peak at 430 million by 2050, and the age structure will lose its balance. Over the past 10 years I have been involved in the design of continuing care retirement communities and have contributed to the upgrading of China’s retirement industry with my design approach. Completed the design of nearly 10 million square metres of retirement communities, including new construction and renovation, with real estate and insurance clients, and proposed: ""When we grow old HOUSE VISION 2050"" - a whole life cycle architecture concept, and ""Growing House"" - a strategy for ageing in place. Health for All: In the midst of a global pandemic, my design for the Heyou International ’Garden Hospital’ project (under construction) explores the idea of a future ’whole life cycle health management’ based on a medical complex that covers the city, shifting from a traditional ""treatment-led"" to a ""health-led"" approach, to be accessible to the whole community, and to create a healing environment with art gallery experience. Designing for charity: It is an honourable social responsibility for architects to be involved in charity projects. In 2015 I designed a tomb for Huugjilt, whose injustice case (1996) had gained great attention of society and was vindicated after 18 years. This year, I am currently designing and building a reading room for children in remote areas in China. I believe that ""architecture exists because it protects people, passes on ideas and is timeless because it bears witness to history"".