2022 Winner

Mr Kevin Yiu

Title: Director
Company: Minus Workshop
Design Philosophy:

Minus Workshop is interested in developing creative projects that reinvent the experience of space through meaningful connections. We focus on engaging through storytelling, developing new ways for people to interact with their world to each other. Our design is not just merely composing all sorts of aesthetical outcome and intriguing ideas (details can be found from the above project description), pragmatical practicality behind that helps to stimulate business revenue, greater durability and smoothen daily operation were also the backbone behind our design spirit. We concern about client’s marketing value too; not yet to mention about the unique and instagrammable décor setup throughout our designs. Just an example from Takano: Four key important messages of the brand were integrated repeatedly via the featured lamppost in different angles. These lampposts help to create interesting photo feature as well a soft yet subtle propaganda inside customer’s photo shots. Our projects exist at the intersection of art and interior architecture and help start creative alliances, trigger interesting conversations, and deliver projects with their own visual identity that tell a unique story. At the heart of this is our instincts that brings an expressive consideration of details, integrating every element of the design process to elevate the ordinary in extraordinary refreshing ways. This means reframing the ordinary, redeveloping old to new forms, considering business strategies, while focusing our designs around modernity, ingredients and sublime details with functionality always at the core. Understanding that this awards are on a totally different levels of design platform. With the in-depth and unique designing capability that we privileged of, we believe winning this unique global award will be the greatest platform to enable us to elevate our studio to a greater realm, create more awareness worldwide. As always, just like what the beliefs of Minus Workshop is holding, I would love to explore every new opportunity to present my creative talent to add a dash of optimism to the world.