2022 Winner

Ms Tsui Au

Title: Senior Interior Designer
Company: Design Systems Ltd
Design Philosophy:

I believe design as dialogue, an expression lies in materiality. My design belief is to discover and reveal the relations between people and space, and also to discover material’s intrinsic beauty. Human mechanism and material are two vital elements to be revealed through design. I keen on exploring materiality through craftsmanship, technology advancement and aesthetic, to reveal material’s unique beauty and through material to express design with sentiment and touch. Practicing design in the industry for 7 years, my works across from furniture design, spatial design and community design. And had executed material-driven projects both on art & installation projects and also commercial projects. While working under Design Systems Ltd, I have completed large-scale projects including commercial, workplace, exhibition and industrial design, the projects ‘HKPI Headquarter’ has claimed Dezeen Award 2021 and Frame Awards 2021 while ‘CEEC’ has claimed DFA Award 2018. I have also involved in the community project of ‘Designing Central’ public program organized by HK PolyU School of Design, creating art installation and designing public program. Demonstrating my capability to penetrate my design belief not only to art & exhibition projects and also to commercial projects and community projects. Besides, I have joined public design campaign ‘Project HK-UK’ sponsored by Create HK on 2019. The furniture piece ‘Modern Steel-Hexagonal Container, with Slate Curtain’ has been exhibited in Design Inspire Hong Kong 2019 and the Milan Design Week 2022. With my primitive interest to material, I have executed my design belief to multi-discipline of design, and I believe through material exploration could give a clue to rethink how to deliver design and give the user/public a unique sensory experience to design wherever in public or commercial sector.